Dennis shouldn't tell Allan anything about his ex-girlfriends.

Do it anyway.

She's younger than you think.

You're all dressed up. Where are you going?


I ate a shawarma.

If it continues progressing well, it will be up and running in under a month.

We knew enough.

I can't call Ami at home.

Most people killed by smoking were not heavy smokers.

I had never seen such an exciting rugby match as one I saw yesterday.

You're a baby.


Mastering a foreign language involves a lot of patience.

I am fed up with everything.

We would like to change room: it's too noisy.

Axel used to talk about Butler all the time.

Thank you for your recommendation.

What time is our train arriving at Hakata?

All communication with that airplane was suddenly cut off.

You shouldn't hate people. You should only hate what they do.

It could not be better.

Louise dressed herself hastily.

Help me.

I hope this isn't true.

Sorry, but I have to go now. I have an appointment in one hour. Please don't forget to call me back when I get home.


She's a doctor.

And what if your son was like that?

You won't solve any problems while ever you blame each other.

You're not listening, are you?

What is it that you liked about him?

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We're motivated.

They're jittery.

The pity is that he has failed.

You don't know anything about me.

Are you going to sit with me?


My wish to go abroad is very strong.


I don't think you'd understand.

He is writing a letter to his parents now.

They can't give me what I want.

You start working at nine.

She isn't a good cook.


Did Morton ever tell you what he wanted for Christmas?

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When Chris suggested going out, she managed to politely say no.

Can you tell me where I might find Shahid?

What much of the world calls football is called soccer in America.

The most severe problem at present is that of over-population.

Mother is busy cooking and washing all day long.


Theodore is whistling.

Today was a pleasant day.

Piet's mother is a housewife.

Manpower was no problem.

Christie picked up the knife.

If you give at all, give quickly.

Suu tried to tell me something, but Ole interrupted before he could say anything.

She really had to stretch her imagination to squeeze enough material for a solo album out of a contrabassoon, but by God, she did.

Srivatsan noticed that Stevan was asleep.

I was talking about Gale.

I must report this to Rhonda.

When practicing at home, the aspiring bartender had to use a potato peeler to zest lemons.

Sweden and Argentina got mixed up.

Don't try to talk right now.

Excuse me, could you pass me the sugar?

Can you describe the object?

I think I'd better help him.


I want many books to read.

There isn't one available.

Betty killed her mother.

That didn't turn out too bad.

Randolph has no idea what to say.


That building is the tallest in Japan.

I just lost a hundred dollars.

Do you think Axel can help you?


I think I understood.

I emailed Glen the pictures I took yesterday.

Clare just sat there and said nothing.

When you stay too long in the same place, things and people go to pot on you, they rot and start stinking for your special benefit.

It is cold all year round here.

Trust the bear!

My son tripped and cut his forehead on the corner of the coffee table.

Bad news travels fast.

She was nearly without any money.

Sundaresan lived to be 97 years old.

Her boyfriend admitted later on that he's bisexual.

My headache has gone.

This vowel change has much to do with the overall accent pattern assigned to each word.

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Dawn is waiting downstairs.


Please see if there are some mistakes in this sentence.


See you at Son's place.

Let Vladimir talk first.

All our efforts were without result.

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Is there life beyond the solar system?

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The patient is much the same as yesterday.


Margie wanted to sleep late, but was unable to.

I cooked this especially for you.

We are aiming at the pigeons.

I wanted to hurt her.

China is a large country.


How do you feel about Root?


There are a lot of deer in Nara.


You are a traitor.

They've arrested him.

Yet to all who received him, to those who believed in his name.

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He is the fastest runner in our class.

It doesn't matter what we do.

We all breathed a big sigh of relief.

You look very pretty.

People tend to forget that water really freezes at zero degrees.

You have eaten the candy.

A month without you is not fun.

Have you read this report?

Take a look at these.


He is in charge of the class.

Dark as it was, we managed to find our way back to our tent.

Russell walked around the store.


No one's certain.

The tree is high.

I'm going to stop her.

Just let me finish.

His debt reached a hundred dollars.

Strike Claudio's name off the list.

I'm not fond of her face.

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You may leave now.


I think my computer was a tad more expensive than yours.


His parents are well.


Can you keep an eye on Rafael?

Herb is someone I really admire.

There's been a mix-up.


Everyone has the right to take part in the government of his country, directly or through freely chosen representatives.

It's funny you should say so.

Kent is as lazy as ever.


Why don't you follow Darrell's example?

It was Radek's suggestion that we leave early.

If it hadn't been for his help, I'd have failed.


I told Farouk the bank was closed.

He caught my hand and pulled me to the second floor.

What is this animal called in Japanese?

I didn't mean to interrupt anything.

I heard you the first time.

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The spy was very furtive as he stole the keys from the guard.


I thought it was refreshing.

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It needs washing.

I forgot the date of the meeting.

I think I'm beginning to see the problem here.

I don't remember what it was about.

Greg is wearing what looks like a military uniform.

They are actors.

Their job is to advise the president.

Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

Your son is quite grown up now.

I think you must be tired.

Curdken was very angry, and wouldn't speak to her.

Duke doesn't believe Tarmi. He thinks she's lying.

Is Cyrus here yet?

I want to see you in my office right now.

His theory is not amenable to simplification for laymen.

The work has been almost completed.

It's difficult to breathe when humidity is high.

Hirofumi is on the move.

Lois and I are very close.

I suppose I can ask Josh.

She was dazzled by the gorgeous room.


Renu said he doesn't feel well.

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Was it a dream?

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These are our children.